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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

For mortgages we give clients the option to pay by fee rather than commission. The level of fees will vary according to individual circumstances, but will typically be 0.5% of the loan amount.

Large Loans £1M+

IDFM (City) Ltd are specialists in arranging larger size mortgages (i.e. in excess of £1,000,000) where the applicant does not fit normal lender criteria.

  • A large percentage of our clients are higher net worth, with more complex borrowing requirements, so we have considerable experience in the specialist loans market.
  • We have extensive links with high street banks, building societies, private banks, and private investors who offer tailor-made mortgage products both onshore and offshore.
  • We can provide expert advice on short lease mortgages and have excellent relationships with niche lenders and ‘panel valuers’ operating in this area.
  • IDFM (City) Ltd can advise on residential, investment or commercial property.

Simply complete the enquiry form and a qualified adviser will contact you.

Short Lease Mortgages

When purchasing a short-lease property it is important to work with mortgage broker who can liaise the process with the appropriate lender and valuer.

  • IDFM (City) Ltd have spent years building contacts and experience in this market and fully understand the process. As such, we have relationships with lenders who offer bespoke products for those looking to purchase a short-lease property.
  • Presently there are some highly competitive products available whether the property is for use as a main residence or an investment property. Lending can also be obtained through a range of structures including limited companies and offshore trusts.
  • The short lease loan is a favourite of financially sophisticated borrowers, and can be a cost-effective way to buy properties in some of London’s most desirable locations.

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Overseas Mortgage

Changes in the exchange rate may increase the sterling
equivalent of your debt.

Many clients are choosing to purchase a property, or portfolio of properties abroad.

This could be for pure investment reasons, or to finally have that holiday home in the sun, but in both cases this will generally require an overseas mortgage.

  • The type of overseas mortgage arranged and the size of the loan offered will depend on the country the property is based in, and whether it is secured against the equity in your UK home or the property abroad.
  • Overseas mortgages tend to run over shorter terms than a normal UK mortgage.
  • The deposit required on overseas mortgages also tends to be higher than on a standard UK mortgage, although this will often depend on the country you plan to buy in.
  • An overseas mortgage application is very similar to applying for a domestic mortgage i.e. the lender will look closely at your income, assets, expenditure and credit history, and assess you accordingly.
  • With regard to the type of lender, it’s usually possible to choose between the subsidiary of a UK bank or an overseas mortgage provider.
  • IDFM (City) Ltd advise our clients on whether they should take out a sterling or foreign currency mortgage, source the best deals and ensure the often complex paperwork is correctly presented to potential lenders.

Simply complete the enquiry form and a qualified adviser will contact you.

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